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The Last Drop

Meet at Adelaide Gaol, 18 Gaol Rd,
Thebarton SA 5031
Maximum group size: 25
Age: 18+ only.
Approximate Duration: 2 hours
Venue: Indoors
Ticket Price : $36pp
You are condemned to spend the night in Adelaide Gaol. Work with guards to smuggle contraband past the governor, drink sly grog disguised as baked beans, play illegal card games and be locked up in solitary confinement. Whatever you do, make sure the governor does not catch you! You and your fellow inmates will experience a world of mischief with crooked prison guards helping you escape.
Your evening starts with the guards kitting you out in your prison uniform. Your mug shot will then be taken to make sure we have you on record and there will be a quick pat down to ensure you are not smuggling any contraband SHHH!! rumor has it there is a corrupt guard who may just help you!
You will be placed in your cell where the guards will make sure you learn your lesson. Of course there is the opportunity to get one of them onside if you want special treatment!
Rumor has it that a few alcoholic beverages will be served with the contraband you manage to smuggle in *WINK*.
Play your cards right and the guards may help you escape!
What to bring
Warm clothing, flat shoes and a bottle of your favorite alcohol!
No refunds.
Change of date permitted with a minimum of 48 hours notice BEFORE your scheduled experience for a fee of $5 per order.
New date must be chosen at time of reschedule.
Non-attendance and late cancellation voids your order. 
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